Jerry Eversole Trial: Jury Deadlocked, So They Get Another Round of Final Arguments

Jerry Eversole: Getting his money's worth out of Rusty Hardin.
Jurors in the corruption trial of County Commissioner Jerry Eversole have told U.S. District Judge David Hittner they are deadlocked, so he has sentenced them to a second round of final arguments, according to media tweets from reporters on the scene.

Each side will get an additional 30 minutes to sway doubters, meaning defense attorney Rusty Hardin will once again get to roll out the argument that $100,000 in gifts between a guy who desperately wants government contracts and a guy who gives such things out are just what friends do for each other.

Because who among us wouldn't want to give $100,000 to Jerry Eversole if we could?

It's unusual to allow a second round of final arguments; the scenario will mean it will be pretty clear which side was more eloquent or convincing. Unless, of course, the jury remains stuck.

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Richard Connelly
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