Jerry Jones' Ego Triumphs Yet Again

From what we've heard, Cowboys Stadium is a crap-tastic, glorified sports bar: Unless you shell out for the big-bucks seats, you're gonna be stuck way, way upstairs looking at a giant TV screen, overpaying for beers.

But Jerry Jones loves his billion-dollar monument to himself. So much that he's convinced the NFL to stick it on the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

The NFL announced today that the Lombardi Trophy, which has been perfectly fine for many, many years, will get an upgrade. Starting next year, the logo that goes on it will feature a depiction of the stadium in which it was played.

Not so coincidentally, the change takes place next year, when the game is played in Arlington.

Why now? Because, the NFL says, it's the....45th Super Bowl, and such a notable anniversary is a good time to make a change.

"We feel that 45 is a special year," said Mark Waller, chairman of marketing for the NFL. "It feels like it's the perfect time to launch it."

Yeah, the perfect time.

We're just surprised Jones didn't demand his Botoxed face be put on it.

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Richard Connelly
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