Jerry Patterson's Solution to the Great Political Divide? Kick Four States Out (Not Texas)

Well this is a new one. Texas politicians love to get on that old sawhorse of a proposal to secede from the United States (The line of logic seems to go: Because we can dammit. It says so in the Texas Constitution, so despite the fact that things didn't work out so well the last time we tried to leave the Union, we totally can.)

But Jerry Patterson, state land commissioner and one of four candidates for lieutenant governor, has a whole different take on things. Patterson told the Associated Press that Texas shouldn't leave the country, but California, New York, Massachusetts and Connecticut totally should.

"I'm in favor of expulsion," he told AP. "New York, California, and there's some good people in New York and California, but their legislatures aren't representing them."

AP noted in the story that Patterson, as much known for his habit of witty cracks as for being the guy who's always packing heat, said all this in a "slightly joking" tone. Still, it's arguable that Patterson, one of four candidates struggling in the I'm-the-most-conservative race for the second, just found a way to set himself apart from the pack. The Lone Star State leaving the club? That's for amateurs. Just kick out the ones you don't like. Then remember, a la Mean Girls, on Wednesday we wear pink. Or vote conservative or something.

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