Jerry Sandusky's Wife Nearly Runs Over a Reporter (w/ VIDEO)

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It's been awhile since we've had a Jerry Sandusky update, and frankly since there's no Web site that's able to track his whereabouts GPS-style (at least not one that we as citizens have access to), it's probably best for everyone that when news breaks regarding the alleged pedophile that I volunteer to update all of you. Like a Public Service Announcement, especially if you're below the age of, say, 12.

So here is the latest on the man whose insatiable appetite for grade-school boys brought down an entire university and was the leading nonmedical cause of Joe Paterno's death:

Yesterday a Centre County judge named John Cleland ruled on the following Sandusky-related initiatives:

-- Sandusky is allowed to have supervised visitation with most of his 11 grandkids. (Three of them are tied up in a custody battle, and the judge is leaving their visitation to the discretion of the judge presiding over the custody hearings.) I would imagine that on the awkward scale, the whole "Sandusky grandkids visiting their pedophile, home-confined grandfather" is uncharted territory.

-- The jury for Sandusky's case will be comprised of jurors from the Centre County area and not outside the area, as requested by prosecutors. Good luck finding 12 men and women who have little knowledge and no opinion on this case in the area surrounding Penn State University.

-- Finally, the judge rejected a prosecution request that Sandusky remain indoors at all times under his home confinement after complaints from parents of students at an elementary school that is adjacent to Sandusky's property. Apparently, the parents have a little hang-up with a known pedophile ogling their kids from his back deck. Why would they think he was doing that? Doesn't everybody in Pennsylvania like hanging out on their patio in the middle of January? Frostbite can be very refreshing!

So if you're keeping score at home, score three more points for Sandusky as the local authorities continue to cater to this monster.

Meanwhile, check out this video of a Pittsburgh-area reporter named Courtney Brennan who was in State College Sunday to do a story on Sandusky's Monday court appearance. She made the near-fatal mistake of recording her story in front of Sandusky's driveway at the exact time Sandusky's wife Dottie was coming home:

My favorite parts of this video:

-- You can hear Dottie Sandusky literally gun the engine and go faster as she approached the driveway. It's a miracle she didn't drive through the garage door.

-- The sign that says "PRIVATE PROPERTY! KEEP OUT!" of course is missing the caveat "unless you're an underaged boy."

-- Sandusky's lawyer Joe Amendola talks about how allegations that Sandusky is watching kids on the playground are false (He does not deny that Sandusky is outside while the kids are on recess. Again, who hangs out outside casually in January in Pennsylvania?), and even cites that kids walk through his yard to go to school. Go ahead and lock it in at 100 percent that Amendola will bring this up at the trial. "How could my client be a monster, your honor? Kids walk right through his yard to go to school!"

-- How has Penn State not brought forth a motion that Sandusky is no longer allowed to wear any of their apparel? "Wear the gear that Jerry Sandusky wears!" is not a slogan that moves swag.

I think the current state of the Sandusky scandal is best summed up by a tweet from former Texan defensive lineman Seth Payne (@sethpayneNFL):

"Sandusky incredulous that his neighbors have shunned him. I'm sure his neighbors in prison will be more congenial."


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