Watching women get it on with the other white meat

Jerry Wilson: When The Boss (Allegedly) Makes You Watch Pig-Sex Videos

There's nothing like a video of someone fucking a pig to spoil a perfectly fine day at the office.

So say, at least, a trio of women who are suing their boss for sexual harassment, claiming he exposed himself and had them watch a pornographic video involving the noble beast, sus scrofa domesticus.

According to the lawsuit filed in Harris County District Court,  Jerry Wilson, president of the Houston-based company Premier Adjusters Inc., sexually harassed employees Beth Parchman, Jody Ivie and Sandra Borgstrom during the past two years.

The accusations against Wilson include sending e-mails and text messages containing photos of his genitals to the women, unwanted sexual advances, and requiring the women to watch sex movies.

"Specifically," the lawsuit states, Wilson had the women view a video "that depicted a woman having sex with a pig" and later forwarded them emails of "a scantily clad woman that had pig ears and a pig snout titled, 'Swine Flu after effects .... careful.' Furthermore, the three women claim that Wilson asked one of them if she would like "A big ole gooden or a good ole biggen," and "had trouble keeping his pants up on at least one occasion thereby exposing his genitals."

Wilson has not responded to Hair Balls' request for comment.

The women say that Wilson's alleged harassment has caused them "severe emotional distress," including "nausea, sleeplessness, night terrors, loss of sexual desire, depression, and loss of enjoyment of life."

In addition, they claim that Wilson has violated the company's Code of Ethics, found posted on the company's website, which states that employees will "conduct ourselves so as to command respect and confidence."

According to the lawsuit, the company and Wilson did "not command respect and confidence when they require their employees to watch a video of a pig having sex with a woman."

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