Jesse James Alred: Raunchy Texts to Local Politico Land Former HISD Teacher in Jail; Updated with Statement from State Rep Carol Alvarado

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UPDATE: TUESDAY, JANUARY 17: State Representative Carol Alvarado has released a statement on this incident, which follows this article....

A former Milby High School teacher was arrested Saturday. Police say that Jesse James Alred, 50, repeatedly sent raunchy text messages to Texas State Representative Carol Alvarado.

Alred has been charged with misdemeanor harassing communications, which, according to a criminal complaint in the Harris County Courthouse, he sent from his Facebook page to Alvarado's.

The complaint goes on to state that Alred once dated a friend of Alvarado's and that he had once been to her house.

Alred's a pretty decent writer and blogger, but if the texts he is alleged to have sent Alvarado are any indication, he's certainly no John Donne or Elizabeth Barrett Browning in the love poetry department.

"I barely remember you, but I really want to fuck you," read one.

"Carol I'd strap you down to my bed and I or my friend would make your eyes shine," read another.

Alvarado must not have responded in the way Alred hoped, because his next text allegedly read, "Carol I hate your fucking ass." Then he apparently rebooted the Casanova campaign, because the next text reportedly said, "Carol any chance you would give me some pussy?"

Alvarado went to the police, telling them, according to the complaint, that the messages "shocked, offended, annoyed and harassed her." Alvarado asked Alred to call her and she then managed to tape Alred copping to the sleazy sexts. He was arrested Saturday and was still in jail when the Texans took the field yesterday.

"I started writing a little book about my own experiences teaching in Houston, and analyzing the reasons why we are making so little progress, then I got distracted and lost motivation. I put the 121 pages on a new blog if anyone has an interest in these issues," Alred wrote on January 10, the day after he was allegedly pumping Alvarado's inbox full of smut. One wonders if that was the distraction he mentioned above.

Here is Alvarado's statement on the matter:

Electronic communication and social media have revolutionized the way we interact with one another. Today I find myself in a distressing situation in which I am the victim of the unintended consequences of these technological breakthroughs.

Upon receiving a number of unsolicited and unwanted graphic and sexually explicit, borderline violent emails and Facebook messages, I knew it was necessary to contact the police in order to best protect myself, the community at large, and even to protect the perpetrator from his volatile and seemingly self-destructive behavior. I believe this individual is in need of help, and I am positive that our criminal justice system will rehabilitate him and set him back on the right path.

I want to thank the Houston Police Department for their diligence and their support during this unfortunate yet enlightening ordeal. Although this is the first time I have been personally exposed to this type of situation, it was clear to me harassment is not acceptable on any level, and it is important for everyone to know that sitting in silence only endangers others who are potential victims."

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