Jessica Nicole Grays: Driving While Smashed on PCP with Infant in Car

Driving while intoxicated is a very, very bad idea. Doing so with a one-year-old in the car is still worse. Driving while apparently knee-bucklingly high on PCP with an infant in the car takes the whole concept of intoxicated driving to levels of mind-boggling carelessness we at Hair Balls Crime Central seldom see.

According to a report in the Bryan-College Station Eagle, 34-year-old Jessica Nicole Grays was spotted Saturday driving her car at five miles an hour down the semi-rural Harvey Mitchell Parkway in College Station. Assuming she was having some sort of engine trouble, a bystander walked alongside her car offering to help.

After getting no response from Grays, the man tried to push her car to the shoulder. For her part, Grays kept steering back into the center of her lane. Attaway to keep it 'tween the ditches!

Finally, the man was able to grab the keys and bring this snail's pace potential calamity to a halt. Police arrived soon after, and they found Grays babbling nonsense and still clutching a wet cigarette -- police now say it had been dipped in PCP. Grays was taken to the hospital and allegedly became combative with staff there.

Grays was subsequently arrested and charged with possession of less than a gram of PCP and DWI with a child passenger, which, like the drug charge, is also a felony.

Grays made her $10,000 bond Saturday afternoon.

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John Nova Lomax
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