Jesus Caballero, 17: Maybe a Pool Cue Upside His Head Will End His Young Burglary Career

A man and his wife arrived at their southeast-side home shortly before midnight Thursday, only to find several dudes inside burglarizing the place.

Including 17-year-old Jesus P. Caballero. The other members of the group quickly and efficiently took off as fast as they could but Caballero, Houston police say, "became aggressive toward the homeowner."

Bad move, as it turned out. The owner of the home in the 16000 block of El Toro Court "then picked up a pool cue and struck Caballero on the head."

Caballero was taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital with head trauma. His current condition has not been released.

No charges have been filed, but HPD says an investigation is continuing and "the aggravated assault" case will be referred to a grand jury to determine if the homeowner will be charged.

No word yet on whether the pool cue will cause Caballero to reconsider his apparent budding burglary career.

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