Jesus Campos, Daniel Garcia and Julio Cantu: Valley Gang Fails Attempted Crime Spree

You'd think the three Rio Grande Valley teenagers might have realized it wasn't their night after their second attempt at an armed robbery failed. You would underestimate the persistence of this Borderlands gang that couldn't shoot straight.

Fail #1: It all started at a Wendy's in Harlingen. Jesus Campos, Daniel Garcia and Julio Cantu, all 19 years old, burst in and demanded cash. One of the trio -- it is not clear which at this point -- brandished a pistol that was soon determined to be a toy. By soon, we mean while the robbery was ongoing, for employees of the Wendy's beat up the trio and recovered both the cash and the toy gun before this Wild Bunch could flee into the night.

Fail #2: They next surfaced in the nearby town of San Benito at a convenience store. There, they were recognized by a night clerk before they could even attempt to rob the place, and they left without further ado...

Fail #3 ...only to resurface down the road at another convenience store. This time, they had thought to conceal their faces behind bandanas. Yet even in these fearsome disguises, the teens failed to strike terror into the heart of their intended prey -- a convenience store clerk.

He simply told the teens to take the rags off their faces. The teens complied, and then. and only then, decided to rob the place. Brilliant! Just then, a cop on his nightly rounds just happened to walk in on the trio, all of whom were soon arrested and now face charges of attempted armed robbery.

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