Jesus Ordonez, 7, Killed When Drunk Drives Into Apartment, Bayou Body Count No. 34

A seven-year-old boy who was grilling with his father in front of their apartment was killed when a drunk driver smashed into the building, police say.

Jesus Ordonez, 7, was killed. Another child, two-year-old (HPD has updated its info to note the second victim was four years old) Christopher Cruz, suffered severe burns and was transported to Shriner's Hospital in Galveston in critical condition.

The two were outside the apartment in the 10200 block of Harwin about 10:55 p.m. Saturday, police say.

KHOU reports that the two were outside grilling with Ordonez' father..

Police say the driver, Luis Hector Lopez, 27, "was found to be intoxicated" and was arrested at the scene.

He faces charges of intoxication manslaughter and intoxication assault

A shot of the scene from KHOU:

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