Jethro Tull in Space: No Aqualung, Though

In honor of the 50th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's historic spaceflight, current space station astronaut and noted flute player Cady Coleman joined in an earth-orbit duet with Jethro Tull founder Ian Anderson.

Coleman has one of Anderson's flutes with her at the ISS, and she got the chance to play it with its former owner. (Her hair, by the way, is a no-gravity wild frizz; the once long-maned Anderson is now bald.)

No, they didn't do "Aqaulung," "Cross-Eyed Mary" or even a section from Thick as a Brick. Instead it was the soft-jazz stylings of "Bouree."

As NASA noted in its release, Tull first played that song in America at the same time Apollo 11 was on its own historic mission.

Anderson offered his best wishes to the ISS astronauts at the end of the video.

"We should remember that today's cosmonauts, scientists and astronauts are still every bit the rocket heroes they were 50 years ago," he says.

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Richard Connelly
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