JFK' Rice Hotel Sailship Doodle: Yours for (at Least) $13,800

In case you hadn't heard yet this month -- and if not, you will hear it a lot in the next couple of weeks -- John Kennedy was assassinated 50 years ago.

The night before he met his fate in Dallas, he was in Houston and stayed at what was then the Rice Hotel ("Houston's Welcome to the World" was its motto), although we bet if he could have kept things private, he'd have preferred the Vegas-y Shamrock Hotel.

As he did everywhere, JFK kept his mind occupied during meetings by doodling. (Many presidents did; Ronald Reagan was a big-time doodler.)

One of his doodles from the Houston trip, a minimalist sketch of a sailboat on Rice Hotel stationery, is up for auction.

"Considered one of his most charming sailboat doodles and the most historically significant, due to its November 21st date, this is certainly one of the most desirable pieces of Kennedy memorabilia available," says Bobby Livingston of RR Auctions.

We're not sure it's "one of the most desirable pieces of Kennedy memorabilia available," but bidding has been energetic, and the next bid is set at $13, 796 last we checked.

RR Auctions sold Lee Harvey Oswald's wedding ring last month for $108,000, by the way.

The online auction for the JFK doodle ends November 13 at 7 p.m.

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