Jim Carrey's I Love You, Phillip Morris: This Time The Press-Based Movie Really Does Have A Release Date

It seems we've been writing forever about whether I Love You, Phillip Morris, the Jim Carrey-Ewan McGregor gayfest of a movie based on Houston Press articles, will ever come out.

We've had dates promised. We've had those promises broken. But now Variety says the movie really, really really is coming out once and for all, in December.

And if Variety says it, it must be true, although we think they've been having to update things too as circumstances warranted throughout the year.

Glory in the boffo-box-office language of Variety's report:

Roadside Attractions and Liddell Entertainment have nabbed North American distrib rights to Jim Carrey-Ewan McGregor starrer "I Love You Phillip Morris," with plans for a Dec. 3 release date.

Deal, announced today, is welcome news for "Morris" after having been postponed indefinitely when Consolidated Pictures Group nixed the pic's limited April 30 launch. Pic, about a married con man (Carrey) who falls in love with his cellmate (McGregor), bowed at last year's Sundance.

"Pic, about a married con man," began as a series of articles Steve McVicker did for the Press. He later turned them into a book with the same title as the movie. He has a bit part in the film, and wrote about his Sundance experience here.

The Carrey-McGregor sex scenes (probably NSFW), as complied by Movieline:

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