Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons
Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons

Jim Parsons Of Houston Nabs A Big Emmy Nomination

Jim Parsons, proud alumnus of Klein Oak High, UH and the Infernal Bridegroom Theater company, has nabbed an Emmy nomination.

Parsons was nominated for playing Sheldon Cooper in CBS' Big Bang Theory. According to the Hollywood Reporter, his reaction was pretty simple.

"I'll just say 'Bazinga,'" he told them.

He faces some pretty tough competition for the award.

Also nominated are Steve Carrell, for The Office role he is retiring from; Larry David and Alec Baldwin; Matthew Morrison from Glee, and Tony Shahoub, who keeps getting nominated for Monk.

Any other Houston connections in the long list of Emmy nominations? (That's a link to the major categories; the earlier one is to the full, very long, list.)

Let us know.


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