Jimmy George: Sheriff's Deputy Arrested for Pretending to Work

The Harris County Sheriff's Office has arrested a 15-year veteran because he reported he was working a crime scene when he actually wasn't.

Deputy Jimmy George was charged with the felony of tampering with a government record and has been fired from the force, the HCSO announced.

"My deputies are tasked with enforcing the law. That's what I expect from them, that's what the public expects from them," said Sheriff Adrian Garcia. "They are not above the law. Those who think they are have another thing coming because we will continue to police our own and clean house as necessary."

The HCSO said Internal Affairs investigators had George under surveillance as he was working a patrol shift in the northwest part of the county in December.

"During that time, Deputy George logged into his mobile data terminal and claimed he was responding to a traffic-related call when in fact he was observed as never having responded to the scene," HCSO said.

Garcia also mentioned that "patrol deputies...are dealing with an increasing number of emergency calls," which we guess might get them pissed at someone who was only pretending to do so.

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