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J.J. Watt to Deshaun Watson: "I'm Sorry, We Wasted One of Your Years"

J.J. Watt apologized to Deshaun Watson for the team's performance in 2020.
J.J. Watt apologized to Deshaun Watson for the team's performance in 2020. Photo by Eric Sauseda
The 2020 calendar year was a sad one for Houston Texans fans, players, really anybody associated with the team. It started with the team blowing a 24-0 lead in the second quarter of a playoff game, continued with the DeAndre Hopkins trade, and then slid into the toilet with a 4-12 record (in a year where the Dolphins get the Texans' third overall pick in the 2021 draft).

That is all very sad, and perhaps you thought that the pudgy Titans' kicker (whose names escapes me, and whose name I don't care to look up) bouncing the winning field goal off the upright and through in Sunday was the most appropriately depressing ending to a season. However, like a deleted scene from a snuff film, we have something even sadder than that winning field goal.

Behold, J.J. Watt and Deshaun Watson leaving the field together on Sunday, and Watt apologizing to Watson for the other 52 guys wasting a year of Watson's prime:

This damn near makes me want to cry — the greatest player in franchise history taking it upon himself to apologize to the easy going, but uber-competitive franchise quarterback for the team's performance. The saddest part about this is that while Watt is right, the franchise did not do right by Deshaun Watson this season (which is saying something, considering they gave him a $100 million guaranteed contract in September), Watt is literally the LAST fellow Texans employee that should be apologizing to Watson.

Others who should apologize to Watson before Watt? Let's count just a few:

* How about Whitney Mercilus, whose $54 million contract is a fiscal choke collar on being able to make moves this offseason on that side of the ball. Whitney was so invisible (at least three games with NO tackles, and several more with just ONE) that when he missed the final game of the season on the COVID list, nobody even noticed?

* How about Will Fuller and Bradley Roby, who were both irresponsible enough to allow some fitness quack to feed them both a banned substance, and get suspended for the last five games of the season (and the first game of NEXT season)?

* How about Mike Devlin, the offensive line coach who has been handed a slew of first and second round talent, and has managed to coach them into a complete lack of cohesion in the run game, to where David Johnson probably wakes up in the middle of the night multiple times thinking he is about to get hit?

* How about Bill O'Brien, who hired all of these people, traded Hopkins for nothing, and then made almost no moves to fix the defense? How about Jack Easterby who was right alongside O'Brien in all of these poor decisions? How about Cal McNair who promoted Bill O'Brien to general manager in the first place AND hired Easterby?

No, J.J., it's not you who should be apologizing to Watson, but I'm not surprised you did. Always been a stand up guy, and we will miss you when you're gone.

And so will Watson.

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