J.J. Watt Spotted On A Date With Kate Hudson (w/ VIDEO)

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So last week, I posted a list here that went back and summarized some new nuggets that we learned about J.J. Watt after a trilogy of interviews, totaling about 60 minutes, on SportsRadio 610 (including one on my show, "The Triple Threat," which can be heard from 2:00-7:00 p.m. weekdays, throughout the Houston area).

Try as we might, we couldn't get J.J. in any of the three interviews to disclose anything about his love life. In fact, for the five years that Watt has been a Houstonian, getting any information on any of his love interests has been like pulling teeth. We get the occasional sighting at the Final Four last year with tennis star Caroline Wozniacki, or an Instagram with Jennifer Anniston here and there, but nothing substantial to where we can say "J.J. Watt is dating [fill in name of woman every Houston female hates HERE]."

Until now!

In fact, not only have we gotten some info, but the last 48 hours has been a veritable buffet for the Watt-o-philes, as our beloved three time NFL Defensive Player of the Year has been linked to not one, but TWO different celebrity females. 

The first one popped on Monday, courtesy of TerezOwens.com, and was more rumor than anything else. Reportedly, Watt had been traveling to Los Angeles to spend time with UFC fighter (and Dancing With The Stars contestant) Paige VanZant:

Paige VanZant is single after splitting from Cody Garbrandt last September.The UFC fighter knows exactly what she’s looking for in her next man, which may be Houston Texans superstar JJ Watt. We’re were tipped off that JJ is flying out to LA to spend time with her. She’s currently competing on this season of Dancing with the Stars. Our tipster tells us they met while promoting Reebok, whom they both have endorsement deals with. People and the media will go crazy with the JJ dating rumors.-TO

When we discussed this on my radio show, we were fine with this, although there's an argument to be made that Watt should not mess with one single, solitary thing he is doing, lest it jerk with his football mojo. But I didn't want to discourage Watt and VanZant from dating, mostly because I'm fearful that if they reproduce, they will create a clone army of indestructible cyborgs, and honestly, do I really want to be on the bad side of a clone army of indestructible cyborgs?

But wait! There's more!

Now comes actual proof (as opposed to a speculative paragraph by an entertainment blogger) that J.J. Watt was indeed out on a date with actress Kate Hudson, who at 36, is nine years older than Watt, but less than two years away from her biological sexual prime. (Side bar — solid move, J.J.!) Here, again courtesy of TerezOwens.com and TMZ, is a sequence of SnapChats from their night on the town:

WE had reports of JJ Watt trying to get close with UFC star Paige VanZant, now it looks like JJ is continuing his hunt for Mrs. Right, and apparently he’s sticking with a well known celebrity. Check out the Houston Texans superstar doing a little snapchatting with the Hollywood starlet. At one point during their night, JJ was heard on the Snapchat calling it a date. Looks like JJ has a high motor for Kate. Let’s see how long this love affair lasts. We know JJ loves the older ladies.-TO 

My only question now is "Did the rumor chasers accidentally mistake Kate Hudson for Paige VanZant, or is J.J. juggling a 23 year old MMA fighter with a 36 year old, award-winning actress?" Either way, it would appear that we now know what J.J. Watt's "type" is. (Sorry, all of you saucy brunettes out there!)

In the end, we all know how the "celebrity dating the star player" thing ended up effecting (infecting?) the Rockets this year, so I'm praying to God and baby Jesus that I never wind up doing a "Tale of the Tape" comparing Kate Hudson to Khloe Kardashian.

If that happens, it means the Texans' season has probably gone horribly wrong. 

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