J.J. Watt, The Texans' Pass-Smothering Monster

Check out our slideshow of the Houston Texans' season opener against the Dolphins.

The Texans finally opened the 2012 season, after what has seemed like months of speculation about relatively minor roster spots.

They won, easily enough, but some things to keep in mind:

-- They were playing Miami.

-- They were playing a Miami team that featured a rookie quarterback who didn't really have much QB experience in college.

-- This inexperienced QB kept thinking it was a good idea to try to pass the ball in the direction of Texans lineman J.J. Watt.

Eventually, the Dolphins' Ryan Tannehill figured things out, but by then Watt had finished a monster day of batting down passes and turning them into interceptions by others.

Watt, whose magic-hands rep began with a playoff pick last year, added to his career highlight film as the Texans rolled to a 30-10 win.

The score wasn't too indicative of the way things went, though: The Texans came out of the gate slow, and Miami was ahead 3-0 halfway through the second period before beginning an epic, Watt-induced collapse.

In a sign of how things are different now in terms of fan expectations, the locals came in for some boos when an interception led them to a first-and-goal on the seven turned into a backwards drive that ended with a conservative draw call and a field goal.

The Dolphins' cratering gave the Texans the lead they needed, though, and from then on it was a matter of watching coach Gary Kubiak run the clock down through the usual low-risk play calls.

We'll have analyses by our Texans writers; for now let's just raise a season-opening glass to J.J. Watt.

Next up: What should be an equally tedious game against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Check out five things as tough to get past as J.J. Watt's awesome pass-blocking paw.

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