Joe Adame, Corpus Mayor, Reaches Out To The Kidz Via Profanity-Laced Rap Video

Corpus Christi Mayor Joe Adame is upset about a profane,epithet-filled rap video that portrayed his town as a gangsta's paradise. So he appeared in his own profane, epithet-filled rap video.

"That's Not How You Represent the 361," linked above, features Adame pointing his finger and declaiming the title phrase. It comes directly after some bra-wearing dude with pantyhose on his head goes berserk in a Whataburger, which is pretty much what every politician hopes to follow.

According to the Associated Press, Adame wasn't aware just how offensive the song he was adding to would be. It includes just about every stock lyrical rap cliche -- the n-word, cursing, blowing people away, etc., etc. -- so we can see where his confusion might have come from. We guess.

Michael White created the video after Only a Handful's "I'm From Corpus" video went semi-semi-viral, with the usual stuff in it.

White approached Adame about making a cameo in his response video and the mayor agreed, apparently thinking it would be one of upbeat, Disney-tween-show songs that the youngsters enjoy so much.

"I was worried he would be mad about all the bad language," White said. "The only thing was he agreed that the other guys didn't represent Corpus in a good way. I want to apologize to the mayor for not telling him my song was going to be vulgar."

"The mayor did not see the full content of the video before he agreed to help," said Kim Womack, the city's director of communications. "He would not have associated himself with the video if he had seen the end product."

And with that dies the dream of seeing Annise Parker in a rap video.

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