Joe Newhouse: Spring Breaker Turns Public Intox into Felony by Threatening & Spitting on Cops

The world of Spring Break is a world of bad decisions made under the influence of various substances, and the cops in South Padre are usually patient about things.

So when 21-year-old Joe Newhouse darted out of the fog last night and stopped in front of a slowly moving cop car, the cops waited for him to pass on by.

Instead, he began to dance.

Newhouse, concentrating fiercely on his groove, refused to stop and so the police took him in for what was a no doubt well-placed suspicion of public intoxication.

A night in the drunk tank, a ticket and you're back out dancing, right? Wrong.

"[O]n the way to the City Detention Center, Newhouse began to curse and threaten the officers as well as kick the plexiglass partition," reports the Corpus Christi Caller-Times. "Officers said they tried to calm Newhouse down, more than once, but Newhouse spat at one of the officers."

And that's how you turn a misdemeanor into a felony.

Newhouse continued his behavior at the jail, the paper says, and ended up charged with suspicion of harassment by persons in a correctional facility.

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