Joe Paterno's Family Vows to Find the Real Child Molester Harborer

Another day, another story from Happy Valley that makes me question my faith in mankind. Two, actually.

First, predictably, three more men have come forward claiming they were sexually abused by Jerry Sandusky, one citing abuse that took place all the away back in the '70s. If you remember, Sandusky's defense team used the age-old "nobody just becomes a pedophile in their 50s" as a line of reasoning in trying to get him exonerated, as if to say, "Well, are you telling me he just started doing this in 1998?" As it turns out, he started much younger, at least in his 30s.

And in other news, the Paterno family continued their 2012 Tour de Myopia by taking another whack at the recently released Freeh Report and stating that they would be conducting their own investigation into whether or not their family patriarch, Coach Joe Paterno, knowingly harbored Sandusky since at least 1998 to protect his football program.

Ever since the Freeh Report came out last week, the last remaining vestiges of the Joe Paterno apologists continue to be swept away with a huge broom of circumstantial evidence and a paper trail a mile long. First, there was NIKE founder Phil Knight, who actually blamed everyone involved in this scandal except Joe Paterno in his eulogy at the deceased coach's memorial service (Fast forward to the 6:25 mark for the money shot in this video, Knight blaming the investigation and punctuating that "[that much was] clear to [him]". Um, ok, Phil. And then stay for the multiple standing ovations from the sheep dressed in people's clothing. Fairly sickening.):

Just hours after the release of the Freeh Report, Knight and NIKE responded by removing Paterno's name from the Child Development Center on their campus. (Yes, Paterno's name was on a Child Development Center. Irony, thy name is NIKE.)

Then there was Duke head basketball coach (and the closest thing to a Paterno-level cult figure icon at his school in coaching today) Mike Krzyzewski, who just days before the beginning of the Sandusky trial lamented the manner in which Paterno was cut loose by the university:

Today, USA Today ran an interview with Krzyzewski where he expressed his sorrow and disappointment in how Paterno appears to have mishandled the situation going back to at least 1998:

"I would hope that a person in that position would say the truth then take responsibility," he said. "I think all of us have done something wrong and how you take responsibility for it, I think people respect that. They may not respect that you did something wrong, but they respect that you're being honest with them. And you want to make amends and do what's right now if you weren't able to do what was right before. And I wished that would have been done sooner and that Coach Paterno would have that opportunity. For it to go that length of time is really inexcusable. It's inexcusable."

So Coach K appears to have come around as well.

Hell, I think maybe even by now, the Freeh Report is enough to convince this idiot that Paterno deserved to be fired "OVER THE PHONE!!":

I mean, assuming that this specimen isn't sitting in the corner of a rubber room in a Prozac-induced haze somewhere, I think even that kid has to see his idol worship of Paterno now was baseless.

For the most part, thanks to the Freeh Report, people are coming around. But then there's Joe Paterno's immediate family.

If you recall, in the days leading up to the release of the Freeh Report last week, the Paterno family was releasing statements, publishing letters that the old man had written in defense of himself and his program in his dying days. Hell, come Thursday morning last week, the only thing missing was the family uploading YouTube clips of Paterno rescuing kittens and helping old ladies (or in his case, much younger ladies) across the street. Anything they could do to try and cast a positive light on a figure whose image was about to get ruined in the next several hours.

Now, since the work of a well respected former FBI director isn't good enough, the Paterno family wants to conduct its own investigation. Apparently, they seem to think that there's something hidden in those 430 interviews and 3 million documents that possibly exonerates their old man.

While managing to squeeze a few more lies in, they said as much in a statement from the family's lawyer, Wick Sollers:

To those who are convinced that the Freeh report is the last word on this matter, that is absolutely not the case. Since various investigations and legal cases are still pending, it is highly likely that additional critical information will emerge. With that said, we want to take this opportunity to reiterate that Joe Paterno did not shield Jerry Sandusky from any investigation or review. The 1998 incident was fully and independently investigated by law enforcement officials. The Freeh report confirms this. It is also a matter of record that Joe Paterno promptly and fully reported the 2001 incident to his superiors. It can certainly be asserted that Joe Paterno could have done more. He acknowledged this himself last fall. But to claim that he knowingly, intentionally protected a pedophile is false.

The process of reviewing the report and other relevant information is going to be a complicated and time consuming exercise. It took the The Freeh Group roughly seven months to conduct more than 400 interviews and review three million documents. We do not expect or intend to duplicate this effort but we are going to be as thorough as reasonably possible. In the meantime, our attorneys have asked that we not make any further comment on this matter until they are ready to provide an update on their progress.

So the Paterno family will bunker down, begin examining Freeh's work with a fine toothed comb, and try to find the real child molester harborer.

All due respect to the Paterno family (and "due respect" dwindles by the day with this band of JoePa sycophants), when it comes to a multilayered, institution wide cover up, I'm going to stick with the investigative work of a former FBI director.

Now, when it comes to a multilayered guacamole and sour cream nacho dip, I'll gladly accept the investigative work of Scott Paterno. It looks like he'd know what he's talking about.

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