Joel Osteen Is Confused About Both Gays and the Death Penalty

Houston's own Joel Osteen and his wife Victoria took to the national airwaves last night on CNN's

Piers Morgan Tonight


The net has been buzzing for a while, of course, about the pre-released clip above where Osteen sounds very, very confused about gays.

We tuned in last night and -- besides being fascinated watching Victoria Osteen's never-wrinkling forehead -- we thought another question showed Osteen equally shallow and saying anything to get the subject out of the way.

We can't find the segment online, but it came near the end of the show as Morgan threw out a lightning-round volley of questions, following up a Justin Bieber query with one on the death penalty.

There is a shorthand-type transcript of the show online, and it shows this:

Morgan: Is the death penalty ever justified? And if so, when?

Osteen: I don't know. I struggle with that. You know --

Morgan: if Osama bin Laden was captured tomorrow, should he be executed?

Osteen: I think it would probably be a good idea. Because of the people he hurt.

Morgan: Did Michael Vick deserve his second chance?

Osteen: Absolutely. I think everybody does. My goodness, if we didn't, if we didn't, none of us would make it. So I'm happy for him. You know, he served his time. I think he's remorseful. Let's give him a chance. Let's let him

Morgan: How many chances do you give people? In America, it's three strikes and you're out. Is that enough? Do you have to say to people, you've had your chances?

Osteen: I don't think you ever give up on them. I think at some point you're going to spend time in prison, or reap the rewards, but you never give up on them, even to the last dying breath.

It's clear by now, of course, that whenever Osteen says, "I struggle with that" or words to that effect, he's looking to straddle both sides of the fence on a controversial issue. But the thinking here -- such as it is -- is especially half-baked.

Kill Osama? Absolutely. Because no mega-millions preacher is ever going to be caught saying Osama shouldn't die. But..."I think at some point you're going to spend time in prison, or reap the rewards, but you never give up on them, even to the last dying breath."

You never give up on them, even as you're killing them. That's one odd way of never giving up on them, but then again tortured thinking comes naturally to the guy who insists the Bible celebrates getting all the money you can.

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