Joe's A-Go

Addai looks to be healthy enough to embarass some Texans Sunday.

Well, lucky us.

Turns out that Joseph Addai, the Indianapolis Colts' rookie running back stud and Sharpstown High alum, will be healthy enough to play on Sunday against the Texans. That's great news for Addai, who'll get to run rampant in his hometown. Not to great for the Texans, or Texans fans who're a little tried of getting punk'd by hometown heroes.

Addai rolled his right ankle this past Sunday, and since then, his injury has been an enigma wrapped in a sports brace. We called the Colts media relations Tuesday; a grouchy rep said she had "no new information." Colts coach Tony Dungy called it a "basketball sprain," and not the dreaded high ankle sprain that can sideline RBs for weeks.

Then, earlier today, SportsCenter announced that they had misspoke when they said Addai might not be ready for the Texans, saying they "misunderstood" Dungy's comments. Yeah, an on-air retraction for a sprained ankle report. Gotta be a pretty dang important ankle, huh?

Actually, yeah. Addai leads all NFL rookies with 917 yards rushing, and he's trying to become the fourth Colts newbie in 12 years to top 1,000 yards. The LSU alum has been the picture-perfect back for Indy's video-game-style offensive attack: He runs, catches and blocks like he's been doing this for years in the pros.

So congrats, J-dai. Here's hoping you keep that wheel of yours iced and have a great game this Sunday at Reliant. And don't feel bad about bitch slapping your hometown. Seriously, we're totally used to it. -- Steven Devadanam

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