John Cornyn Can Predict The Future!!

Senator John Cornyn is famous for a lot of things, and not just fightin' heathens and hellions and all kinds of crime.

But just when you thought he had exhausted his skill set, a new superpower emerges. Now, it turns out, Cornyn can see into the future.

The Senator sent out a statement analyzing President Obama's State of the Union speech yesterday (shockingly, he was underwhelmed).

Cornyn said the speech was "clearly well delivered."

Only problem was, Cornyn issued the statement before Obama gave the speech.

Politico's Ben Smith noted Cornyn's "prescience."

Cornyn embargoed his comments until after the speech, but Smith doesn't believe in that kind of thing unless he has agreed to it: "[A]s I've written before, embargoes are agreements, not unilateral demands in press releases," he says.

Embargoed statements are common in the political world and elsewhere, and copies of the State of the Union were available prior to it being given.

But usually that means politicians go after the content of the speech, not the performance of it.

We imagine Cornyn would have been mightily embarrassed if a drunken Obama had stuttered, stumbled and slurred his way through the thing.

Well no, Cornyn would probably have been pleased as punch, actually. But as he foresaw, such a thing didn't happen.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.