John Cornyn: Affirming "basic human dignity" in odd ways

John Cornyn To Meet With Gays Because...They're Like Fetuses?

Texas Senator John Cornyn has scheduled a meeting with Log Cabin Republicans, those GOP stalwarts who care so much about fiscal policy they're willing to ignore who they're associating with.

To the surprise of no one, a "family values" preacher has taken offense that Cornyn would somehow endorse same-sex orgasms by meeting with The Unclean.

Cornyn defended his appearance by....comparing gays to fetuses, somehow.

The Houston Chronicle posted a copy of Cornyn's letter to Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, in which he spends most of the time outlining just how enthusiastically he endorses the anti-gay agenda.

But votes is votes and cash is cash, he more or less says. And then offers this: "As social conservatives we affirm the basic dignity of every human life, including not only unborn children, but also adults with whom we may disagree."

It makes sense to conservatives, we guess.

And according to the letter, "affirm[ing] the basic dignity of every human life," by the way, includes when it comes to gays not letting them put their lives on the line for their country by serving openly in the armed forces, and not letting them marry the person they love.

Basic dignity at its finest.

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