A&M has found the Michelangelo for its (John) David (Crow)

John David Crow: Aggie Statue Of Him Will Be Freakin' Huge

When most institutions of higher learning put out press releases about a new art installation on campus, they go heavy with how cutting-edge it is, or how breathtaking it will look, or how famous the artist doing it is.

Not the Aggies.

Here's the headline on their newest release: "Largest Statue to a College Player to be Unveiled at Texas A&M."

It's gonna be huuuuge. In terms of statues of college players.

The biggest-ever, it turns out, will be "twice life-size."

Now, there are many, many famous and inspiring Aggie football players who deserve such a statue, of course. Houston's own Johnny Jolly, now with the Green Bay Packers, could be displayed holding the world's largest statue of a purple drank container.

But no. Not even Bucky Richardson deserves this singular honor.

Instead, the World's Largest Statue of a College Player will feature....John David Crow.

"A&M is a unique American institution," explained Erie Nye, who with his wife is donating the statue. "The university has a rich legacy of service, leadership, and loyalty. Alongside these qualities, we have a remarkable history of athletic achievement. In many ways, John David Crow represents all of these qualities. His story, his skill, the determination and commitment he showed on the field are a lasting source of inspiration to A&M players, students, former students, and fans."

The statue, by Steven Whyte, will be displayed at the south end of Kyle Field, at least until the Louvre makes an offer for it that simply can't be resisted.

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