Grand Theft Auto: Tumbleweed, Texas?

John Karrer: Did Facebook Postings Foretell Alleged Drunken Vehicular Assault Spree

Houstonian John Karrer was


last Friday about the upcoming debut of


, Showtime's award-winning series about a serial killer. "More Killing Please!!!" he enthused on the wall of his Facebook page. "Best show ever...Sunday night it is going down!!!" he gushed in the comments that followed.

He's better hope someone DVR'd that for him, because if that's the same John Karrer as this one, he won't be watching any premium cable, or even C-Span, anytime soon.

(We think it is; Karrer's Facebook picture matches a description of his mugshot given to us by a courthouse official. We couldn't see the picture thanks to their new tightfisted mugshot policy.)

Police allege that Karrer, 26, decided to create a real-life version of the streets of San Andreas on Houston's north side, vehicularly strafing a strip-mall honky-tonk not once but twice early Saturday morning and sending four people to the hospital. Call the video game playing in his head Grand Theft Auto: Tumbleweed, Texas, 'cause that's the mega-bar in front of which this mayhem took place.

"[Karrer] had been at a bar located in the 13100 block of Kuykendahl," reads the press release by Harris County Sheriff's Office accident investigator Deputy J.J. Thomas. "[He] accelerated through the parking lot at a high rate of speed, striking four pedestrians. The defendant then left the parking lot at the north entrance and re-entered the parking lot through the south entrance and again drove through the parking lot at a high rate of speed. The defendant then accelerated in an open area of the parking lot, doing a donut before leaving again, almost striking the complainant a second time."

One of the victims - -a 54-year-old man who was thrown up and over Karrer's hood -- was in serious condition as of Monday; the other three were in stable condition. Officials with the district attorney's office were not giving out much more info on Tuesday.

Back in July, Karrer exulted on Facebook about getting his wheels back: "My Volvo is finally home!!! That's right bitches!!" An official in the DA's office would not confirm or deny if Karrer's onslaught was abetted by Swedish engineering. This summer he also linked to a Treal/Z-Ro/ Chalie Boy remix with a title that could be construed as foreshadowing: "Mr Hit Dat Hoe."

Karrer remains in jail on three counts of intoxication assault and one count of failing to stop and render aid.

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