John McCain: Friend Of Vets? Not So Much

Our sister paper, the

Phoenix New Times

, has just released a massive investigation of John McCain's work to help veterans.

And although McCain tends to wax eloquent on the trail about his service record and his belief in taking care of those who fought for this country, the record is somewhat different:

McCain’s had 25 years in Congress to help veterans, yet nearly all he’s done is talk about his own experiences as a prisoner of war - and push the country to go to war again. Veterans groups are finally speaking out about their frustration with McCain, who rides on his reputation as a war veteran while sitting on a long record of opposing legislation that would benefit vets.

McCain’s campaign did not return a call for comment about the work he claims to have done on behalf of veterans, both regarding his voting record and his constituent-services operations. To be fair, it’s not that McCain has never cast a pro-veteran vote or helped a vet in need. But the overwhelming pattern of his actions is hypocritical: On the campaign trail, he pledges support. Listening to him, you’d think he’s been the veterans’ greatest champion. An examination of his record both in Washington, D.C., and Arizona just doesn’t bear that out.

Check out the story here.

And for those getting ready to launch into a "You never write anything bad about Obama" rant, feel free to check out our take on his early years as a politician in Illinois.

-- Richard Connelly

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