John Royal’s Friends’ Top Twenty Sports Moments of 2007, Part Two

Well, if you were reading yesterday, you know I started a Top Twenty Sports Moments of 2007 as submitted to me by my friends. Part one of that list is here. The second half starts now.

11. The Florida Gators pulled off a sweep, winning the two most important titles in collegiate sports, the BCS Championship Game in football and the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Not only did Florida win both titles in the same season, they defeated The Ohio State University for both.

12. Speaking of the Florida Gators, basketball coach Billy Donovan quit the team following the Tournament and agreed to coach the NBA’s Orlando Magic. After sitting on the job for less than a week, Donovan announced that he’d changed his mind and returned to coach Florida. That was probably because Florida doesn’t have to deal with a salary cap.

13. Competing for the title of The World’s Stupidest Man (not named George W. Bush), we had the Titans’ Pacman Jones and the Dolphins’ Ricky Williams. Facing a suspension for activities that arose after a strip club visit in Las Vegas during the NBA All-Star Game, Pacman Jones was called to New York for a meeting with the NFL commissioner. Pacman, to prepare for the meeting, decided to go to a strip club.

And Ricky Williams, on a suspension for drug use, petitioned the league for reinstatement. Yet, knowing that he’s going to have to take a drug test, Ricky decided to partake in a little dope smoking. Williams was eventually reinstated and returned to the Miami Dolphins, but he was injured in his first game back and missed the rest of the season.

14. Struggling to hold off a charging Ernie Els, Tiger Woods birdied the 15th hole at Southern Hills with a 15-foot putt to ice away the PGA Championship.

But to show that everything doesn’t always go Tiger’s way, he snapped his 4-iron on a tree at Augusta during the Masters.

15. To the delight of horny swim fans across the world, multiple-Olympic gold medalist Amanda Beard moved from the world of swimming and FHM magazine and into the pages of Playboy (image nsfw).

16. Michael Vick was sent to jail for 23 months for his part in a dog-fighting operation. The ultimate moral of the Michael Vick story is, if you’re a famous football player and become involved in the death of a human being (see Ray Lewis or Leonard Little), you don’t do jail time, but if you kill a dog, you go to jail for nearly two years. So the lesson for all of you kids out there is to kill humans instead of dogs.

17. The New England Patriots attempt to erase the whole cheating scandal from their resume by going for a perfect season. This could be the first perfect season in the NFL since the Miami Dolphins pulled off the trick for the first time in 1972.

Speaking of the Miami Dolphis, we saw them try and fail (defeating the Ravens in overtime last week for their first win this season) to become the first team since the 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers to go an entire season without a win.

18. Showing that maybe Ricky Williams should be taking lessons from him, Denver Bronco running back Travis Henry failed a drug test and faced a suspension but was able to win an appeal that allowed him to continue playing.

Of course, Henry needed to keep playing as a suspension would be no pay check, and he needs that pay check to pay off all of the child support he owes.

19. Appalachian State defeated Michigan. Stanford, a 41-point underdog, defeated USC. Kansas went through the season with just one defeat while football powerhouse Notre Dame struggled to win three games. LSU moved to the number one spot in the rankings twice, only to lose right afterwards, with both defeats coming in triple overtime. Yet, LSU still finds itself playing for the national title.

So the entire NCAA college football season goes into this slot. If ever a season calls for a playoff, this is the one, yet NCAA Division I football is the only major college sport that does not have a playoff system.

20. And while I just don’t get the whole NASCAR thing – it’s just people making constant left turns – it is apparently a big thing. So since a friend informed me that Jimmy Johnson winning the Nextel Cup is a major event, I’ll go along with him.

-- John Royal

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