John Royal’s NCAA Basketball Picks, Take Two

Okay, so my NCAA basketball tournament picks weren’t the best in the world. But you should know better than to expect me to be perfect with these things. I will note, however, that all of my Final Four picks are still standing.

Since I started with picks last week, I feel obligated to carry on, and pick things from where they stand at this moment – though I am not changing my picks for the Final Four or the championship.

In the East Region, North Carolina will be taking on Washington State, and North Carolina will be victorious. Tennessee struggled over the first weekend, and this week will be facing Louisville. Since I picked Louisville to play for the championship, I’m sticking with Louisville here, so Louisville defeats Tennessee then upsets North Carolina to go to the Final Four.

In the Midwest Region, Kansas will be taking on the surprising Villanova, one of the two double digit seeds in this region to advance to the Sweet Sixteen. Kansas will defeat Villanova in a game that will be a lot closer than it should be. And Wisconsin will be taking on Davidson, the other double digit seed to advance in this region. If you watched any of the games last week, you probably discovered Davidson’s Stephen Curry for the first time. I’m pretty sure Wisconsin has discovered Curry, but I don’t think Wisconsin will be able to stop him, so Davidson and Kansas will be meeting for the chance to go to the Final Four. And since I picked Kansas to go to the Final Four last week, Kansas will defeat Davidson.

That brings us to the West Region. UCLA (who Aggie fans are claiming stole the game) takes on Western Kentucky, another of the surprising double digit seeds to make it past the first weekend. UCLA is not going to need the refs help this week as they pretty much demolish Western Kentucky. Then Xavier will be battling West Virginia. I think West Virginia blew its wad taking out Duke, so I’m taking Xavier to meet up with UCLA, and since I picked UCLA to win it all, UCLA defeats Xavier to reach the Final Four.

Now we’re in Houston for the South Region games. Free throw problems aside, I’m picking Memphis to defeat Michigan State (and my friend Jill – a Michigan State grad – is now sticking needles in a voodoo doll of me she created). And I don’t care about the home court advantage because I’m picking Stanford to defeat Texas. But Memphis defeats Stanford on Sunday to advance to the Final Four.

UCLA will defeat Memphis, and Louisville will defeat Kansas, and UCLA will defeat Louisville for the national title.

Unless something changes. – John Royal

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