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John Royal's NFL Power Rankings

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We’re a day away from week number six of the NFL season. So let’s take a look at how the Power Rankings stand as of this moment.

1. New York Giants (1) (4-0): The offense seems to be a well-oiled machine. The defense is very good. And since they’re playing the Cleveland Browns this week, they should easily be 5-0 come this time next week. 2. Tennessee Titans (2) (5-0): The Titans can’t get the offense to fire on all cylinders. The defensive guys are fighting with each other. But they just keep winning.

3. Carolina Panthers (4) (4-1): The Panthers can’t decide if they’re great team, or a good team. Jake Delhomme and the offense seem to be coming together. The Bucs should give them a good test and battle this week.

4. Washington Redskins (5) (4-1): Fell behind 14-0 early on last week against the Philadelphia Eagles. But the Redskins quickly gained control of the game for the victory. It’s hard to believe this is the same team that looked so damn bad in week one.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers (6) (4-1): Just win, baby. And that’s what the Steelers are doing, just winning.

6. Denver Broncos (11) (4-1): The Broncos shut down the Bucs last week, but the Tampa Bay offense isn’t that great. But as in the Chiefs' loss, the Denver offense got shut down.

7. New England Patriots (8) (3-1): Beat the 49ers in San Francisco, though not without some struggle. The Patriots offense did show some of life, however. And without offense, they’re going to struggle.

8. Dallas Cowboys (10) (4-1): Terrell Owens isn’t bitching this week, so I guess wins do wonders for team unity. Still, the team struggled against the woeful Cincinnati Bengals.

9. Buffalo Bills (3) (4-1): Trent Edwards was knocked out with a concussion. And with his departure from the game, the Bills offense seemed to disappear. There’s no way a mediocre Cardinals team should have won. The Bills have the bye this week to hopefully get Edwards over his injury.

10. Atlanta Falcons (20) (3-2): Matt Ryan looks to be the real thing at QB. And the Falcons were strong in a road game, dominating the Packers in Green Bay. But this week against Chicago should be a real test for them.

11. Chicago Bears (12) (3-2): Demolished the Detroit Lions last week. Is Kyle Orton really becoming a quality professional quarterback?

12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7) (3-2): They shut down the high-flying Bronco offense. But the Buc offense still can’t quite get going.

13. Arizona Cardinals (21) (3-2): Kurt Warner nearly retired two weeks ago. And the team can’t seem to play games on the road. But they’ve got the Cowboys at home this week, and the Cardinals have the type of offense that might be able to rack up points on the Cowboys.

14. Indianapolis Colts (18) (2-2): The Colts scored 21 points in the last eight minutes of the fourth quarter to beat the Texans last week. They’ve got the Ravens this week, and the Ravens are pretty good at shutting down high-powered offenses. But Peyton Manning is getting back his weapons, so the Colts could be on the rise.

15. Baltimore Ravens (9) (2-2): They had the Titans beat last week, expect when it counted. Well, the refs might have helped a bit, too. The Colts offense will be a bit more of a challenge, however.

16. Miami Dolphins (24) (2-2): All hail the single-wing offense. The Dolphins were 1-15 last year, but should triple that number of wins this weekend.

17. New York Jets (19) (2-2): The Jets are coming off the bye week, and they should have an easy win this weekend because they play the Cincinnati Bengals. But Brett Favre has yet to have one of his patented five interception games, and those often come against bad teams.

18. Philadelphia Eagles (13) (2-3): I just don’t think this team is that good. And their play is doing nothing to change my mind.

19. New Orleans Saints (14) (2-3): The Saints can score on anyone. But the Saints can’t seem to stop anybody else. If not for a few errors, the Saints could be undefeated. They’ve got the Raiders this week, so their record should get to .500.

20. Minnesota Vikings (23) (2-3): Any team that keeps kicking to Reggie Bush shouldn’t be winning games. 21. Jacksonville Jaguars (17) (2-3): The offense on this team is non-existent, which is kind of surprising seeing as how they’ve got Maurice Jones-Drew and Fred Taylor. I guess this shows the importance of a good offensive line.

22. Green Bay Packers (15) (2-3): Aaron Rodgers is the real thing. It’s a shame he doesn’t have any help.

23. San Diego Chargers (16) (2-3): Norv Turner is just not that good of a coach. It’s really hard to believe that the Dolphins were able to pull off the single-wing formation plays last week. It’s like Turner and his staff didn’t even look at the game film of the Dolphins' game against the Patriots.

24. San Francisco 49ers (22) (2-3): They retired Steve Young’s number last week. But they should be trying to get Young to unretire.

25. Cleveland Browns (26) (1-3): One more bad game, and Brady Quinn is the QB.

26. Kansas City Chiefs (27) (1-4): This was once a great franchise.

27. Seattle Seahawks (25) (1-3): Here’s all that you need to know. They let David Carr throw a touchdown pass against them.

28. Oakland Raiders (28) (1-3): Another once great franchise.

29. Cincinnati Bengals (30) (0-5): They almost beat the Cowboys last week. They almost beat the Giants. But almost isn’t good enough.

30. Houston Texans (29) (0-4): The team is still positive about their prospects. But the horizon shows another high first round draft choice.

31. Detroit Lions (31) (0-4): Just how bad can they get?

32. St. Louis Rams (32) (0-4): Let’s just go ahead and say they’ll soon be 0-5.

-- John Royal

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