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John Royal's NFL Power Rankings

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After taking a week off, it’s time for the return of the NFL Power Rankings. This week presented to you by the

lovely ladies

of the Buffalo Jills – the cheerleaders for the Buffalo Bills.

1. New York Giants (3) (3-0): The Giants sat on the sidelines last week while the Cowboys were scalped by the Redskins. The Giants should easily go to 4-0 as they host the Seahawks this weekend.

2. Tennessee Titans (9) (4-0): Maybe Vince Young’s injury was for the better of the team. Didn’t have any problems with the Vikings last week, and the running game of Chris Johnson and LenDale White should be able to handle the Baltimore Ravens.

3. Buffalo Bills (8) (4-0): Fell behind early again, then came back to win the game big. They’re currently leading the AFC East.

4. Carolina Panthers (2) (3-1): Beat up on the Falcons last week, and should easily handle the Chiefs this week.

5. Washington Redskins (19) (3-1): Thank you for putting the Cowboys out of our misery.

6. Pittsburgh Steelers (3) (3-1): Barely slipped past the Ravens last week, and they’re beset by injuries. Maybe they need another game with the Texans.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (15) (3-1): Brian Griese seems to be settling in as QB. But let’s see how long that lasts.

8. New England Patriots (5) (2-1): Hopefully they used the bye week to recover from their upset loss to the Dolphins. I hope Randy Moss isn’t back to taking plays off, because he’s on my fantasy team and I can’t drop him.

9. Baltimore Ravens (12) (2-1): They lost a close game to the Steelers last week. Their offense is still a question mark, but the defense is still pretty good.

10. Dallas Cowboys (1) (3-1): Terrell Owens isn’t happy. And you know what happens when T.O.’s not happy? That’s right, team chaos.

11. Denver Broncos (7) (3-1): The offense can score on anybody. The problem is that the defense can’t stop anybody.

12. Chicago Bears (14) (2-2): They upset the Eagles last week. Kyle Orton is kind of looking like an actual QB. The Bears could be scary were that to happen.

13. Philadelphia Eagles (12) (2-2): This is just a mediocre football team.

14. New Orleans Saints (16) (2-2): The Saints could easily be 4-0. Drew Brees is putting up record-breaking numbers. Now if the team can just get healthy.

15. Green Bay Packers (6) (2-2): Aaron Rodgers is hurt. Ryan Grant isn’t producing. It could be a long season in Green Bay.

16. San Diego Chargers (22) (2-2): The Chargers struggled with the Oakland Raiders last week. That’s why they’re not ranked higher.

17. Jacksonville Jaguars (24) (2-2): The Texans stopped Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew last week. They couldn’t stop David Garrard, though.

18. Indianapolis Colts (13) (1-2): The Colts had the bye last week, and their offensive players started getting healthy. And the whole team gets to get healthy against the Texans this week.

19. New York Jets (17) (2-2): Wow, they beat up on the Arizona Cardinals. Let’s see how Mr. Favre does against some real competition. The Jets are this weekend, though.

20. Atlanta Falcons (18) (2-2): The Falcons are two teams: very good at home, and very bad on the road. But QB Matt Ryan shows promise. And Michael Turner is a stud at running back.

21. Arizona Cardinals (10) (2-2): They were embarrassed by the Jets last week. And the fact that Matt Leinart is on the bench behind Kurt Warner speaks to how bad Leinart must really be.

22. San Francisco 49ers (20) (2-2): This team just isn’t that good. But Mike Martz’s offensive schemes keeps them in games.

23. Minnesota Vikings (25) (1-3): A team with Adrian Peterson should have more than one win at the point. I’m sure the Saints will light them up on Monday night.

24. Miami Dolphins (26) (1-2): Lets’ see what kind of trick plays they pull out of the bag to use against the Chargers this weekend. But at least Ricky Williams is laying off the dope.

25. Seattle Seahawks (27) (1-2): Coming off the bye and traveling to New York to meet the Giants. They’re getting some receivers back from injuries. But the Seahawks always do badly when they travel across the country.

26. Cleveland Browns (23) (1-3): Wow, so they beat the Bengals. I give it a couple of more weeks until Brady Quinn’s starting the game.

27. Kansas City Chiefs (32) (1-3): Sorry Chiefs fan, but that win against the Broncos probably guaranteed another season of Herm Edwards.

28. Oakland Raiders (21) (1-3): Welcome to team chaos. They lost the game in the fourth quarter last week, they lost their coach on Tuesday, and then they watched Al Davis go nuts that same day.

29. Houston Texans (29) (0-3): Were actually competitive against the Jaguars. But I’m sick of them being happy with being competitive.

30. Cincinnati Bengals (28) (0-4): Carson Palmer is injured. The rest of the team is bad.

31. Detroit Lions (31) (0-3): Matt Millen is gone. So what excuse is the team now going to use for losing?

32. St. Louis Rams (32) (0-4): Scott Linehan fired. Jim Haslett hired. But still no offensive line.

-- John Royal

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