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John Royal's Postseason NFL Picks: Jessica Simpson Edition

I did about as well without my playoff picks last weekend as I did with my regular season. I got two right. I got two wrong. But I’ve got this thing for punishment, so I’m back again. Which means…on with this weekend’s picks.


1. Things get off to a start on the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field with the Seahawks meeting the Packers. The Packers are favored by eight points. I know I should be all John Madden over Favre, but I just can’t do it. While I’m not sure the Seahawks can win this thing, I do think their defense can really rush Favre into some of those stupid interceptions he likes to throw. So take the Seahawks to get within the point spread.

2. The big game of the weekend is Saturday night as the Jaguars travel up to the Northeast to meet up with the Patriots. The Patriots are favored by 13.5 points. I hope the Patriots lose this game. I hope Bill Belichick learns he’s not that genius that he thinks he is. But I don’t think the Patriots are going to lose until next week when they take on the Colts. Still, I’ve been successful picking against the Patriots and the spread, so I’m going to keep with what works. Take the Jags to keep it close, but still to lose.


1. The day starts off with the Giants at Texas Stadium playing the Cowboys. The Cowboys should win this easily game easily. SHOULD. But since Jessica, the ‘Boys have really stunk things up. And T.O.’s hurt. But that’s not the big thing. The big thing, according to our friends up at the Dallas Observer, is that Jessica’s back. Well, kind of back. Apparently, Jessica and Cowboy QB Tony Romo decided to go on vacation last week, but not in the States, in Mexico. And they took tight end Jason Witten with them (and Jessica’s dad went along to play chaperone).

If the Cowboy lose this game, Jessica’s boots aren’t going to be the only ones made for walking – and I’m pretty sure T.O. might find some boots to use for kicking some asses. But the good news for Cowboys fans is she won’t be at the game, so don’t blame her like you did after the Eagles game.

The Cowboys are favored by 7.5 points. And they’ve beaten the Giants twice this season. And Eli Manning’s not exactly his brother. But I’m taking the Giants to get within the point spread (and don’t be shocked if they win).

2. The Colts finish up the weekend by hosting the Chargers. Antonio Gates is injured. Philip Rivers is still the quarterback, and Norv Turner’s coach. Did I mention Norv Turner? The Colts are favored by 8.5 points. But the Chargers could barely defeat the Titans last week, so I don’t see how they’ll stay close to the Colts. And I think the Colts are about to kick things into high gear in preparation for taking down the Patriots next week, then repeating as Super Bowl champs. So take the Colts. – John Royal

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