Johnny Hollywood: Aryan Brotherhood Poster Boy

James Galloway, aka Johnny Hollywood, is a self-described "tat2 artist" who lives in Texas City and likes to decorate his MySpace page with pics of him glaring menacingly into his camera while brandishing a pistol in each hand. The 23-year-old also told police he spent "9 months in an Aryan Brotherhood training camp," according to a Police News article describing his arrest in La Marque.

The mighty Galloway/Hollywood was brought down Monday when a state trooper and a Precinct 8 Constable's deputy followed him to a gas station. Fully aware of Galloway's fondness of firearms, the officers had their guns drawn when Galloway came out of the store. Two pistols were found in his car.

"Although Galloway likes to tout himself as an AB [Aryan Brother], he has never been to prison," according to the Police News story. "His [rap] sheet reflects only one conviction -- a misdemeanor charge of carrying a pistol in Crockett, Texas."

We're not exactly sure what an Aryan Brotherhood "training camp" is, but we're guessing he may have flunked the part where you're supposed to hate minorities, because Galloway and his girlfriend list black friends on their MySpace pages. But while we might question Galloway's memership in certain social organizations, we don't doubt his love for his girlfriend, of whom he writes: "I have the baddest chick and the hottest chick around, and ladies, she'll stomp a mudhole in your ass if you'd like."

Galloway also writes of his immortal beloved (we cleaned up the punctuation), "it has hit me like a brick in the face that I need to look out for her and do what's best by making decisions in my life that will benefit her and us."

Apparently, such prudent decisions include going to a Shell station with two guns in your car, when you already have a warrant out for your arrest.

Galloway lists himself as a "proud parent" on his MySpace, which means his child is most likely a shoo-in to the Aryan Brotherhood, should the child want to join. Legacies always get preferential treatment.

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