Johnny Manziel About Out of Time After Another Domestic Incident

In the movie Pulp Fiction, there's a scene where the gangster Marcellus Wallace warns boxer Butch (played by Bruce Willis) that he'd better get the hell out of Los Angeles because he's "lost all of his L.A. privileges." In that movie, Butch had truly stabbed Wallace in the back by reneging on the promise of throwing a fight to where Wallace lost millions of dollars because of the backstabbing. 

Now, Johnny Manziel hasn't inflicted that type of fiscal or emotional harm on any of the 32 NFL football teams, except for the Cleveland Browns, who pay him 17 times a year. However, it appears that Manziel is awfully close to running out his string with the NFL and losing his "L.A. privileges" not only in  L.A. but in the other 29 NFL cities (two teams in L.A., two in New Jersey) after his latest escapades in Fort Worth over the weekend. 

Early Saturday morning, police in Fort Worth were notified of a domestic incident involving Manziel, which, in some sense, wasn't anything new with Johnny Manziel, considering it was only a few months ago that he and his now-believed-to-be-ex-girlfriend Colleen Crowley were involved in an incident alongside a road in Avon, Ohio, in which Crowley said that Manziel slammed her face against the glass window of his car. 

However, Saturday's was another disturbing incident, piled on top of several other disturbing incidents in the past several months, that would lead us to believe that the NFL should be the furthest thing from Johnny Manziel's mind. The dude needs serious help. 

On Saturday, Fort Worth officers were called to an apartment building around 2 a.m. about a possible assault. Reportedly, police spoke with a 23-year-old woman who said she'd been involved in an incident earlier that evening with her ex-boyfriend in Dallas. A preliminary investigation determined that there may have been an assault earlier in the evening, though it should be noted that the woman refused to cooperate with officers.

That woman also told officers she was concerned about her ex-boyfriend's welfare. It was determined the ex-boyfirend was indeed Manziel and they made an effort to locate him, including through use of a helicopter. Fort Worth police said they are working with Dallas police to determine whether any criminal offenses occurred, which Dallas police confirmed in a statement.

If you're keeping track at home, here's Manziel's rap sheet over the past few months:

* The aforementioned incident with Crowley in which Manziel told police in Ohio that he'd had a few drinks earlier in the day as he was arguing with Crowley on the side of the road. Worth mentioning here, Manziel spent ten weeks in rehab during the 2015 offseason. 

* Just days after he was named the team's starter in mid-November, video of Manziel with a bottle in his hand at an Austin bar surfaced. Manziel lied and said it was an old video, and was immediately demoted to third string. 

* A little more than a month later, Manziel suffered a concussion and was ruled out of the team's final game of the regular season. However, instead of remaining in Cleveland to live out the rest of the season with his teammates, Manziel was reportedly in Las Vegas for the weekend in disguise (a yellow wig and mustache; can't make that up). 

Since the season ended, Mike Pettine has been relieved of head coaching duties with the Browns and replaced by Hue Jackson, who reportedly wants no part of Manziel as a Brown going forward. Honestly, football should be the least of Manziel's worries. When Manziel was Johnny Football at A&M and oversleeping the Manning Passing Academy, we laughed off these peccadilloes as those of a kid who just needed to grow up. When he had a tumultuous rookie season, we chalked it up to rookie adjustments.

There's no more rope left for Manziel now, though. He's fixing to go down hard, and worse, he seems to be the last one to be realizing this. It's a shame. It was a far more interesting football world when the Manziel debate centered around football reasons concerning whether or not he could make the NFL. Now, the debate has nothing to do with football. It's about whether or not he can make it as a human being, a far more depressing and serious debate. 

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