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Johnny Manziel and Von Miller Express Mutual Love For One Another (w/ VIDEO)

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When we last left our hero, Jonathan "Football" Manziel, he was drinking and clubbing his way through the streets of Hollywood. We pick up the story....well.... in Hollywood... where our hero is.... well... drinking and clubbing his way through the streets of Hollywood. 

Yeah, not much has changed day to day for Manziel, but with each street side video shot by his TMZ "family", the story of the fade of the 2012 Heisman Trophy winner gets more sad and weird, and it's blatantly obvious that he will not be playing football, at least not in the NFL, any time soon. I say this, despite brief (REALLY brief) speculation that there was interest in Manziel from the Denver Broncos last week. 

Apparently, a courtesy conversation between Broncos head coach Gary Kubiak and Manziel was twisted into a "Could Manziel be an answer?" storyline last week, a storyline that was quickly refuted by media in Denver.  While the Broncos are starved for a quarterback, my guess is they'd like one whose offseason workouts consist of something more than dancing on tables and whose offseason diet has slightly less Kristal. 

From a video standpoint, we pick up the story very early last Friday morning, around 2:00 a.m. local time in California, where Manziel was seen coming out of Le Jardin in Hollywood, where he claims that he's not really drinking, just "hangin' with the boys" and "eating good food"....

"I'm being smart." Um, debatable, Johnny. Debatable.

It would appear that the "not drinking" thing was more of a specific answer for that night (assuming it was truthful), because the next night Johnny was first spotted leaving The Nice Guy in WeHo (Cali parlance for "West Hollywood") where Johnny was asked about the Broncos situation, where he did nothing to reduce the gas on that fire .... 

...and then was spotted taking a pull straight from the bottle at a club called Ace of Spades.... 

Call me crazy, but that looks to be drinking. 

Circling back to the Broncos and Manziel's desire to go play with "one of the greatest dudes [he's] ever known," Super Bowl MVP Von Miller ... it would appear that the feeling is mutual! When asked at a workout in College Station on Friday about Manziel, Miller said that if he were putting together the Broncos, Manziel would already be on the roster.....

R.I.P. Von Miller's future as an NFL general manager. 

As it turns out, Manziel is actually living with Miller crashing on Miller's floor in LA, as we learned from this follow up video on TMZ:

(NOTE: Underrated part of TMZ's coverage of Manziel — they always manage to have the still shot of his paparazzi-style videos paused on a facial expression that makes him look clinically insane. High comedy. Nice work, TMZ!)

Best parts of this last video, the most extensive of the Manziel series at nearly two minutes:

0:52 — Manziel discloses his living arrangements with Miller, a Super Bowl MVP, as Manziel slurred, and says that the two of them are out there "getting [their] lives together." No disrespect, John, but Miller seems to be doing all right. 

1:05 — "ELWAY.... GREAT DUDE! KUBIAK.... AGGIE, MY MAN.... AGGIE, MY MAN..." Is it wrong that I would rather ESPN replace Keyshawn on NFL Countdown with Drunk Manziel and not with Matt Hasselbeck? He also promises he will get picked up by somebody. He doesn't specify is it's in the NFL or Canada, which matters greatly at this point. 

1:27 — When asked about his "partying," Manziel tries to point out that he's been to the club he's standing in front of six nights in a row without incident. Call me crazy, but I don't think pointing out how many consecutive nights you've been to a club and not had any chicanery happen is the best way to illustrate that you have your shit under control. 

The saga continues....... 

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