Johnny Football does Raw
Johnny Football does Raw

Johnny Manziel Attends Monday Night RAW, WWE Champion Calls Him "Idiot Face" (VIDEO)

Johnny Manziel, in all of his newfound sober glory, is not even close to the treasure trove of content that he's been the last two summers. He rarely shows up on our radar anymore, and when he does, he is signing his autograph on a baby or hitting home runs in charity home run derbies. 

No inflatable swans, no champagne bottles, no rolled up twenty dollar bills. For his own literal existence, this is probably a good thing, but for my professional existence, it's terrible. So if Johnny shows up on the web doing virtually anything these days, I'm gonna float it here to see if he still has any juice as a bait for a few eyeballs.

With that in mind, last night, WWE brought Monday Night RAW, its flagship television show, to Cleveland's Quicken Loans Arena (the warm up act for Tuesday night's Game 6 of the NBA Finals, I guess!). This is one night after WWE conducted its annual "Money In The Bank" pay per view event in Columbus, and in the main event for that card, WWE champion Seth Rollins retained his belt in a hard fought brawl of a ladder match with fan favorite Dean Ambrose.

So Monday night, Rollins led off RAW by addressing the crowd, and heeling (wrestling parlance for "acting like an asshole so as to draw a reaction from the crowd") like a mother. The crowd happened to include, among others, Manziel, who had seats in the front row...

The best way to get under Cleveland's skin is to remind them that, well, that they're Cleveland, and nothing screams "Cleveland" quite like reminding them of their futile history in the area of winning championships. So Rollins taunted the crowd by reminding them just exactly who the only champion in the room was at that point in time. He also took that chance to cite the local professional football's track record in that area by pointing over at they quarterback, Johnny Football, or as Rollins chose to call him "Johnny Idiot Face"….because apparently Johnny "Dumb Dumb Head" seemed a little too juvenile. 

Rollins also took that opportunity to give his prediction on Game 6 of the NBA Finals and, not surprisingly, his prediction is that Golden State will wrap things up tonight or on Friday. 

Despite the chilly welcome from the face of the WWE, Rollins, Manziel was kind enough to give WWE.com an exclusive interview backstage, in which he was lucid and thoughtful...

When you got a WWE show, you'll see three hours of adults in spandex, men wearing masks, possibly a midget or two, and enough bodily harm to fill an episode of Game of Thrones, but none of that is as jarring as seeing Johnny Manziel drinking a bottled water at ringside. WWE is truly a place where anything can happen!

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