Johnny Manziel Confronted on NYC Street by Jilted Mercedes Lessor (w/ VIDEO)

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In the penultimate season of The Sopranos, the riveting Season 5, as the walls are closing in on Tony Soprano — the New York mob families, his own mob family, his actual family, the Feds, all of these people had issues with Big T — he spends a night to get away from it all at the Plaza Hotel. There, he has a dream (that lasted 20 somewhat excruciating minutes of actual TV time) in which, at one crucial point, he is confronted and surrounded by all these various factions.  

The numerous groups who have a pound of flesh, some figurative and some literal, to extract from Tony are all surrounding him inside the dream-state walls of his brain. (SPOILER ALERT: Frightened Dream Tony goes sprinting down an alley to get away from all of them, showing that the true colors of the rough mob boss are those of a frightened child.)

So, speaking of frightened children (segue!), it would appear that Johnny Manziel, whose club-and-drug exploits have become as regular a topic on this site as restaurant openings and closings, may finally have to confront some of those he has wronged throughout the past several months. At the very least, on Friday night, one of them chose to confront him.

If you recall, back in early April, Manziel and OVO Ryan (the drunken R2-D2 to Manziel's C-3PO) crashed a Mercedes SUV into a light pole in Hollywood, causing a reported $90,000 worth of damage to the car (which certainly raises the question "How much was the whole car worth??" and the logical follow-up question "Why would you rent a car that nice to Johnny Manziel?"). Manziel's and Ryan's initial reaction was to run away from the scene of the accident like Tony Soprano running down that alley, but they eventually returned and owned up to what had happened.

However, while Manziel and OVO Ryan appeared to sufficiently explain things to police, there was still the small matter of paying for the damage to the ride, which up until Friday (and possibly still right now) they had not done. We know this because the owner of the company that rented the SUV to Manziel tracked him down in New York City this past weekend to confront him!

We go live now (actually, recorded, but "live" always sounds cooler) to the streets outside the Trump Soho, where the car containing Manziel is blocked in by a fleet of cars from Precision Concierge. Courtesy of TMZ, here's the video of Wayne, the owner, trying to shake down his $90k from Manziel, who never leaves the car he's in... 

The best parts of this video:

0:10 — Manziel, when asked how he's doing, gives a curt "good" and scurries to the back seat of the ride he has waiting, a far cry from a month or so ago when he was playfully grabbing iPhones and self-filming interviews with his "TMZ family." 

0:20 — Wayne throws the kitchen sink at Manziel's ride that he is in, blocking it first with an SUV and then appearing to send a car in at a 45 degree angle. I'm disappointed this didn't turn into a full-fledged standoff, like 11:00 news and everything. 

0:55 — Wayne's assessment of Manziel: "Straight punk. Straight bitch."

1:00 — Wayne is trying to work this out "man to man," and Johnny has promised him he'd cover the damages, but to date, nothing. Johnny Football has become Johnny Deadbeat. 

How soon until Wayne is joined by the owner of that mansion Johnny trashed ($32,000 in damages), Johnny's ex-girlfriend, the dude at the Drake concert that Johnny punched and a slew of Cleveland Browns fans in Manziel's "Tony Sorpano dream" moment? 

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