Johnny Manziel Involved In Hit And Run, Fired By Another Agent

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Hey, let's start this Johnny Manziel post the same way they begin every Rocky movie, by showing the final scene from the previous episode. When we last saw Johnny Manziel, he was stumbling through the streets of Hollywood explaining the difference between partying and "being out of control" by telling us just how in control he'd been during the six straight nights he'd been to the club...

Actually, to be truthful, it appears TMZ has added footage to the end of this video in which Johnny Manziel, who was clearly inebriated earlier, gets into the driver's seat of that SUV and speeds off from the club that he was at with his friend, Ryan Silverstein (the infamous "OVO Ryan"), riding shotgun. These are important details as we head into the next chapter of the Hollywood Downward Spiral chapter of the Manziel saga.

We fast forward to later this same night, and now comes news of the automobile containing Manziel getting into a hit and run accident. Courtesy of TMZ....

Johnny Manziel was a passenger in a car that allegedly hit a light pole and fled the scene in Hollywood this weekend ... and the person who picked him up after the crash was Josh Gordon.

TMZ Sports has learned ... Manziel was interviewed by LAPD about a crash that occurred on the Sunset Strip around 10:45 PM on Saturday night.

We're told ... cops believe the driver of the car was Manziel's good friend Ryan Silverstein — aka OVO Ryan from Drake's OVO crew.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... cops believe Silverstein and Manziel left the scene on foot after the crash — and were picked up by Cleveland Browns WR Gordon.

After cops arrived to the crash scene, we're told Silverstein and Manziel came BACK to the area ... and witnesses identified Ryan as the driver because of his recognizable beard.

Our sources tell us Manziel admitted to being a passenger in the car at the time of the crash — but he's NOT accused of any criminal wrongdoing. Neither is Gordon for that matter.

As for OVO Ryan, we're told cops are still investigating him for a possible misdemeanor hit-and-run.

I'm not sure what rock bottom looks like (even though it feels like Manziel has hit it about a half dozen times now), but when Josh Gordon is picking you up after you've just finished sprinting away from a hit-and-run accident, I'd say you're pretty damn close.

Meanwhile, Johnny has now set an unofficial record for "agents fired by" in one calendar year with two. After being fired by his first agent, Erik Burkhardt, after the 2015 season ended, Manziel has now been cut loose by his second agent, Drew Rosenhaus, contingent on the former Cleveland Brown getting the help he needs at a rehab center.

Courtesy of TMZ again, here's that story:

After TMZ Sports broke the story that Manziel was the passenger in an alleged hit-and-run incident over the weekend, Manziel's agent Drew Rosenhaus told ESPN's Adam Schefter he's laid down the gauntlet with the QB.

"I have terminated the standard representation with Johnny Manziel in the hopes of helping him get the treatment I believe he needs," Rosenhaus said. "I have informed him that if he takes the immediate steps I have outlined for him that I will rescind the termination and continue to represent him. Otherwise the termination will become permanent."

"There is a five-day window for me to rescind the termination. I’m hoping he takes the necessary steps to get his life back on track."

Manziel was dropped by his previous agent Erik Burkhardt for similar reasons. Manziel did get treatment last year for an unspecified issue — but later insisted he did NOT have a drinking problem. 

Again, when Drew Rosenhaus and Josh Gordon are the shining lights of reason in your life, the ship is headed straight for the glacier. 

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