Jon Buice: Man Involved in Paul Broussard Anti-Gay Murder Is Free

Jon Buice, who was sent to prison for his role in the 1991 attack outside a Montrose gay bar that left Paul Broussard dead, has finally won his long, contentious battle for parole.

KHOU reports that Buice won a decision from the parole board today that will lead to his release.

Broussard's mother and others have been regularly fighting the periodic requests for parole; Houston's legendary gay-rights pioneer, Ray Hill, has spoken out in favor of his release.

Buice received 45 years for his part in the notorious incident.

We profiled his unusual prison career in "Hate Crime and Punishment," which noted allegations that while in prison, Buice has been involved in a bizarre relationship with a female chaplain that involved orgies and secret videotapes.

We've called Andy Kahan, the city's crime-victims advocate, for comment, but that first requires getting approval from the police department's Public Information Office, and we are told they are currently out to lunch. So we'll update when all the crucial paperwork is done and we get a chance to talk to Kahan.

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