Jonathan Robert McMinn: Dude, Don't Go to Police HQ to Pick Up the Items You Stole

Sometimes a man can take too much pride in his work. He feels he's earned his just rewards and he's going to get them. When the man in question has a common-sense quotient of a sugared-up tween, however, trouble may ensue.

Jonathan Robert McMinn, 25, was arrested by Friendswood police back in September for driving with an invalid license, KPRC reports.

His car was filled with electronic equipment, which the cops dutifully stored.

"Detectives said they reviewed the property and suspected it did not actually belong to McMinn," KPRC says.

They eventually tied it to various burglaries around here.

Which was all well and good as far as McMinn should have been concerned: Sure, he now faced some heftier charges, but he wasn't in custody or anything.

At least he wasn't until he decided to walk into the Friendswood police station and pick up his stuff.

Officers made possibly the easiest arrest of their careers, if you don't include the effort of keeping a straight face in the moments after they realized just who was in their lobby.

McMinn now has been booked on the burglary charges.

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