Jones High School Repurposing Sparks Legal Fight With NAACP

Do you remember how things got really ugly at an HISD meeting in March?

Well, the Houston branch of the NAACP is taking up the fight started at that meeting, after it was announced that Jones High School was being turned into a vocational academy.

According to KTRK, James Douglas, a lawyer and vice president with the organization, and Taft Foley, a local attorney who is connected with the NAACP, filed a suit in civil court today that said the district broke state open-meetings rules.

According to the suit, HISD conducted a vote on the repurposing of Jones without giving the community ample notice.

Douglas explained to KTRK why he filed the injunction against the school: "The overall goal is to get HISD's attention, to let them know that we are not going to continue to sit by and let them undereducate our kids."

"Once you cut off the access to education, you begin to see those communities to die off slowly, and we are here to stop that from happening," Foley told the news station. "We want those communities to live and we are willing to fight for their lives."

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