Modernize or get left behind
Modernize or get left behind

José Gustavo Diaz-Velasquez: Used Craigslist, YouTube To Recruit Immigrant Smugglers

Doing business in this modern world can be cutthroat -- you either keep up with the times, or you die. Any good business gets itself on the web.

Even if that business is smuggling illegal immigrants.

The U.S> Attorney's Office in Houston has announced the arrest of José Gustavo Diaz-Velasquez, 29, on charges of alien smuggling.

Prosecutors say he advertised on Craigslist for drivers, and even "had a YouTube account in which a copy had allegedly been posted of a dash-cam video of a high speed pursuit which had occurred on April 24, 2011, in La Joya, Texas."

The driver in that incident got away, but nine illegal immigrants were found in the vehicle -- which belonged to Diaz-Velasquez -- and were taken into custody.

ICE and Homeland Security agents found 10 Craigslist postings seeking drivers, prosecutors said.

"Through further investigation, agents were able to identify the physical location used to make the Craigslist postings as an apartment allegedly belonging to Diaz's wife in McAllen," they said.

The final act:

On the morning of March 14, 2012, according to the complaint, Border Patrol agents allegedly observed Diaz in the vicinity of an known alien and narcotics smuggling location in Rio Grande City, Texas. Diaz, illegally in the U.S., was taken into custody.

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