Jose Flores: Shooting at Cops Plus Refusing Their Orders Equals a Face Like This

Jose Bustos Flores was in no mood to deal with cops early Tuesday morning, it seems.

The 44-year-old first drew the attention of two HPD officers working security at a Gulfgate apartment complex when they heard shots fired.

They then saw two vehicles driving towards them at the front of the complex.

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"The officers initially believed the truck may have been pursuing the car as a suspect (Flores) fired a weapon from the passenger side of the truck," HPD says. "The officers soon realized the bullets were directed toward them when the car entered the complex parking lot and the truck continued to travel in their direction."

And then the fun began. Officer S. Grimes returned fire but missed, Flores kept shooting and missed, and the truck drove on past.

Grimes and another officer took off in pursuit and cornered the vehicle at a different apartment complex. The driver gave himself up without incident, but not Flores.

He "refused to comply with officers' repeated commands to get on the ground," according to HPD. "A struggle ensued between one of the officers and Flores. The officer was able to secure Flores with handcuffs...Flores sustained a laceration during the physical altercation and was transported to the hospital, where he was treated and released and then transported to jail."

A pistol was found on the passenger seat of the truck.

Flores faces a charge of felony deadly conduct/discharging of a firearm.

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