Jose Sanchez, 20, Porfirio Sanchez, 45, Bayou Body Count Nos. 72 & 73

Two are dead in what some might call a step-filicide and suicide, which is just a fancy way to say that a man killed his step-son and then himself.

Harris County Sheriff's investigators say that 20-year-old Jose Sanchez and his step-dad, Porfiiro Sanchez, got into it on March 20 at their home on the 13900 block of Brownsville. The elder Sanchez was apparently mad because his step-son took his younger siblings out of the home on some type of excursion without permission.

At some point, authorities say, Porfirio Sanchez called Jose Sanchez outside, where he shot his step-son dead. Neighbors told investigators that they then saw the elder Sanchez reload, turn the handgun on himself and pull the trigger. Deputies later found the two men lying on the ground under the car port.

Records show that it was Jose Sanchez's birthday

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