Joseph Adams: Some Thoughts on Our Interview with the Dude Behind SaveWhitePeople.com

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If there's one thing Hair Balls can't get enough of, it's racists, which is why we were thrilled to hear this week from a Houston contributor to a site called SaveWhitePeople. The writer (known on the site as Erich) wanted to know if we'd like to interview the NYC-based site's founder, Joseph Adams. He had us at "Sieg heil."

In speaking with Adams, we were the recipients of some rather dour news for the crackers out there: There's a chance that "White people will not realize what's happening until they are being dipped into Colonel Sanders's original-recipe chicken and being eaten by the other races." (When asked if that particular meal was chosen because everyone knows black people love fried chicken, Adams said: "I don't see blacks grinding up white people into caviar.")

If these pearls of wisdom are your bag, you'll want to continue reading.

Truth be told, Hair Balls couldn't think of a good way to interview someone whose sole purpose at this point in his life is to be a racist hatemonger. For example, Abraham Lincoln had some pretty offensive ideas about black people, but he had, like, other shit going on, too, so interviewing him would've been cool. But interviewing Adams was just plain boring.

Of course, not everyone is simply bored by racists. Some wouldn't mind giving them a swift kick in the pants, which is one reason the site's founder adopted "Adams" as a nom de white and was reticent about sharing other basic personal information, such as age, saying he was only a college student. We understand his desire for anonymity -- if you thought that blacks might be genetically prone to violence, you'd be worried, too, even if you weren't walking down the street in one of the "Drugs Are for Niggers" T-shirts he sells on the site.

Adams says that, while he's "always had what I would call, like, healthy racial instincts," he didn't throw himself into full-time wretchedness until he himself became a victim of "institutional discrimination" during his college application process. He says that the black kids at his high school got preferential treatment when it came to scholarships. He realized that no one else was going to stand up for The White Man. So The White Man oughta stand up for himself.

This is especially important in the face of what he calls a white genocide.

"I think if white people don't realize that, hey, we don't have to necessarily throw a jacket on our back and lay on the ground for the other races to walk all over us, but we can pursue our own interests...then it won't be so bad, but unfortunately a lot of white people don't realize that the numbers are declining the way they are," he said.

When asked what might happen in the next 30-50 years if white people didn't get their white act together, he said the country might descend into class warfare, and ultimately, "I think naturally, the races will segregate -- blacks getting the southeast and kind of up the east coast. Hispanics -- you know, the mestizos -- getting Texas, California, Arizona, those kinds of areas. And then whites...having the mid-north or northwest to have to themselves, and, you know, maybe even a part or two of the northeast."

Like some other racist organizations, Adams tries to repackage the same old tripe in an almost laughable attempt to distinguish his horseshit from his neighbors in the racist community. To wit: "We don't advocate for white supremacy or, you know, Nazi gassings of Jews...we just care about a future for white people, white children, you know....We're not saying, 'Throw all the blacks and the coloreds and the Jews out.' We're just saying, 'Hey, let us break off and go our own way. If we're evil, wicked racists, then be free of us, and...let us go our own way.'"

Adams was previously a member of The Creativity Movement, a white supremacy group whose former leader is serving 40 years in a federal prison for soliciting a hit on a judge. And, like SaveWhitePeople.com, The Creativity Movement's site describes the group as "non-violent." (The group raised eyebrows in one Brooklyn neighborhood last year by distributing flyers urging white folks to "awake" and whatnot. Adams also wrote the Save White People Handbook, Vol. 1 -- another piece of ostensibly non-hateful literature that begins with this quote, which Adams attributes to himself: "A mutt makes a great pet and a mulatto makes a great slave.") In one essay on his site, Adams bristled at the notion that the fliers were referred to NYPD's hate crimes unit, incredulously asking "Hold on a second, show me where on any flyer where there was a message of HATE being expressed!"

To Adams, it's all part of the media's (controlled largely by Jews, natch) tendency to paint with a broad brush. Either through their own Jewy agenda or sheer incompetence, the site suggests, reporters just can't pick up on the nuances between one pro-white group and another.

We chalk part of this bizarre thinking up to youthful earnestness, as Adams is still young enough to think he's not just another scumbag; we chalk part of it up to youthful arrogance, as Adams likes to present himself as an articulate, reasonable scholar of race. But mostly, we chalk it up to the insane blathering of human beings whose brains, in a tragic defect at the DNA plant, were factory-installed backward.

Pretty much the only way to distinguish one of these groups from the next is to somehow plumb the depths of their descent from reality; i.e., does the group think Hitler didn't go far enough, because he only wiped out 12 million people, or does the group think the Holocaust was a hoax. As far as we can tell, that's basically the best way to differentiate the shades on the crazy palette.

That's why we passed over the installments of Adams's radio program (The White Voice) on homosexuality or Trayvon Martin, and checked out the one where Adams paid respect to victims of the Holocaust...the holocaust in question being the 1945 bombing of Dresden. See, Adams believes in history books and first-hand accounts when it comes to that event, but he questions the veracity of the same sources when it comes to the existence of Auschwitz. He told Hair Balls about the "hundreds of thousands" of deaths in Dresden, but when asked how many people actually died in that other Holocaust, Adams said, "I don't know...to be honest with you, I don't know. I wasn't there, I wasn't counting...carcasses."

But either way, he says, "As far as Adolf Hitler goes, whether he was the devil -- whether he was Satan, or whether he was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, it really doesn't affect white people in America nowadays. It's irrelevant."

Shortly after we got off the phone with Adams, he took to his site's blog, writing: "...I did an interview with some small Houston tabloid. The questions were basic at first. What is your operation about, how does it differ from other pro-White ventures, why are blacks so violent, how is the White race facing genocide? Then...THE HOLOCAUST QUESTION."

He then points out that "I recorded the whole interview because at some point when the media starts libeling us by calling us 'nazis' or 'White supremacists' or a 'hate group,' we can take them to court..." (Which begs the question: How exactly does one libel someone who traffics in libel? It's just so freaking meta.)

Interestingly, if Adams decided to sue any media outlet, he would be required, through discovery, to divulge his real name. And trust us, he's very sensitive about his name. When we used our journalistic Sword of Zion powers to discover his real name and ask him about it, he first denied being anyone other than Joseph Adams. Eventually, he relented.

Racists we can deal with. Yeah, white people rule, blah blah blah. Yawn. But lying? Fuck that. Yet, as despicable as Adams's site is, as much of a coward as he is for not having the courage of his abominable convictions to back up his words with his real name, we don't think exposing it here is worth jeopardizing his safety. Really, he's entirely redundant ---- there are a million other sites just like his out there.

Also, we're a nonviolent organization.

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