Joseph Wade Walker: The XXXL Bandit Has Waddled His Last

Houston has been transfixed with the livin' large antics of the XXXL Bandit, the roly-poly bank robber who was a modern-day cross between Charlie Weis and (Not So) Pretty Boy Floyd.

The run -- the waddle? -- is over. The Harris County Sheriff's Office has announced today they captured the man Friday after a bank employee did something utterly novel and not just let the Big Guy slowly walk away.

Joseph Wade Walker led deputies and police on a 20-minute car chase that went for 30 miles after he robbed a northwest area bank Friday, HCSO spokeswoman Christina Garza said.

Although the HCSO release on the arrest does not identify Walker as the XXXL Bandit, the name given him by the FBI, earlier Garza told Hair Balls the upcoming release would concern the XXXL Bandit case.

The XXXL Bandit had made a sting of robberies this year, always walking in without a visible weapon, asking for money and then walking away, as fast as he could, which wasn't too fast.

The last one was at a bank in a Kroger's in the 15000 block of Champion Forest, a long way from his usual Clear Lake City haunts. But we guess he had enough gas money from his previous efforts.

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