Journalism, As It Used To Be Practiced In Houston

We've written before of the Houston Chronicle's cozy way of doing pro-bidness journalism in years gone by.

Today's Chron offers another charming piece of evidence.

The Bayou City History blog, which is always interesting, posts some photos of the development of the North Loop.

One of the pictures includes the caption from the original February 27, 1954 publication date. The photo showed four smiling, suited white guys ceremonially cutting a chain instead of a ribbon to celebrate the opening of the road:

Cutting the chain: Four who had a hand in bringing the North Loop to reality also helped open the major by-pass route from Jensen to State Highway 73, the first six miles of the loop. Left to right are M.E. Walter, editor of the Chronicle and vice-chairman of the city planning commission; County Judge Bob Casey; John T. Jones Jr., president of the Chronicle and chairman of the Chamber of Commerce highway committee, and E.H. Thornton, Texas highway commission chairman.

Let's see.

One guy is both "editor of the Chronicle" and vice-chair of the city planning commission; another is president of the paper and chair of the "Chamber of Commerce highway committee."

We can only imagine the hard-hitting, two-sided coverage of proposed new roads in the Chron back then.

"M.E. Walter, vice-chair of the city planning commission, was unavailable for comment except to tell me my story was past deadline, dammit."

We'll leave it to others to grumble about whether things have changed much, but at the very least the Chron is a little more subtle in choosing their photographs.

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