Joyce Espinosa: The Family That Lifts Together Sticks Together

And they say that not enough families are spending time together and sharing family activities...

Last week, a 42-year-old Webster mom was arrested along with her two teenaged kids after the threesome walked out of a Friendswood HEB with $700 worth of food, toys, and booze. Fun for the whole family!

An off-duty Waller County deputy happened to be on the scene, and store employees asked him to help them detain Joyce Espinosa, the Mom of the Year candidate and her two sticky-fingered offsrping -- a boy of 17 named John Espinosa and a younger girl who was not named.

But when the cop asked them to stop, they piled in the family car and sped off, eventually reaching speeds of over 70 mph. The deputy gave chase in his unmarked car and maintained contact with Friendswood police, who pulled over the car on FM 528.

Mama Espinosa was charged with theft of under $1,500, which is normally a misdemeanor, but is a felony in her case, as she has multiple previous convictions, not to mention others for drugs, auto theft and robbery. According to courthouse records, she has since been sentenced to about a year in Galveston County Jail. John Espinosa got hit with a felony theft charge; little sister was delivered to juvenile authorities.

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