Judge Woody Densen, Despite Guilty Plea, Still Denies Keying Neighbor's Car

Woody Densen, the retired judge who still sits as a substitute on cases, famously was accused last year of keying the SUV of a Rice Village neighbor.

He was caught doing it on a surveillance tape. He entered a guilty plea on the misdemeanor and paid $6,000 in fines and restitution. At the time neither he nor his attorney had any real comment on the case.

Incredibly, he did have a comment to the State Judicial Conduct Commission, and that comment was that he didn't do it, surveillance video and guilty plea be damned.

The commission gave Densen a public warning over the keying in an order issued October 14 but released publicly today.

The order notes Densen's guilty plea and says "In his written response to the commission's inquiry, Judge Densen denied that he had committed the offense for which he was convicted and did not accept responsibility for any conduct that resulted in his conviction."

Commissioners were unimpressed. They ruled Densen had "failed to comply with the law" and brought discredit upon the judiciary.

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